Large Black Hogs

We traveled all the way from NH to Ohio and then back to NH because we fell in love with (what everyone was telling us about) this rare, endangered breed of pig.  Large Black Hogs (LBH) are very sweet.  They provide some of the best-tasting meat available. They are also easy to deal with and all of our LBH, including the boar, will flop onto their sides anytime for a belly rub.  


This Fall (2013), we decided to show our pigs at the local fairs so that folks could see what Large Black Hogs look like and learn about this special breed of pig.  In doing so, we are proud to say that we were awarded two blue 1st Place ribbons and one Reserved Grand Champion ribbon at the 2013 Rochester Fair.  We also took one LBH to the 2013 Deerfield Fair and we won another blue (1st Place) ribbon.


Great news!  Our first litter of LBH piglets have arrived!!  These piglets have been a joy to work with and their mom doesn't even mind our boys (or us) holding and playing with her newborn piglets.