Nubian Goats

We just started getting into the goat thing.  We wanted a way to bring dairy to the farm. We thought long and hard - a cow?  No, with the price of feed seeming to go up every other day, a cow was not the answer at this point in time.  However, goats sounded right for us.  They are much smaller than cows and the milk is healthier for us.  Being lactose intolerant, I can't drink cows milk, but I can drink goat's milk!!! So, once we decided to purchase a goat (or two), we did our homework  to decided which particular goat would be right for us.  


There are a lot of goat breeds out there.  Mind you, my husband, Bryan, does not like goats because of all the stories people have told him about them.  So, I needed a goat that was cute and kind, but most of all, it had to have great tasting milk and lots of it!  That's when I started looking... Ones with no ears? - not for us. Ones that are all white? - nope. Ones with big floppy ears that are loud and good at escaping any fencing you put them in?  Hey! That sounds about right and that's our kind of goat!  lol


I bought 3 baby goats (kids) from a man; they ended up being Nubian Alpine crosses  - great little guys!  Then came our love, Angie; she is registered and so began our love of Nubian goats.  Then came Brandie and Cinnie, both also registered.


Look for kids in the Spring of 2014...  We  are breeding our girls to a purebred Nubian buck from Ohio! 2014 baby are here! only 2 babys left out of 8!